From Our Pastors Ponderings

Our Mission

We believe that as a congregation we are called by God to grow. As we have prayed, studied, and discussed we believe that this is the vision of our church that God has given us.

First in order for us to grow, we know that God must be present and at work within us. We believe that God can do wonderful and exciting things through us when we allow Him to be a part of what we do. We recognize that for this to happen we must develop an environment where people can come and be built up in the faith to be sent out into the world taking Jesus Christ to our community. We envision doing this by providing people with opportunities for Worship, Education and Service. We believe that in order to give God the opportunity to lead us that all groups shall use the process of prayer, scripture, discussion and opportunity for God's intervention so that in all we do God may lead us. Second, In building up the congregation, we believe that we must provide people the facilities, curriculum and opportunities so that our lives are a lifetime of growth in Christ. We feel that God is calling us to provide the pastoral care that will enable us to grow as we struggle through the valleys and celebrate the peaks of our lives. We also shall develop an educational program that will speak to all ages and situations, so that we may find answers, help and support in out times of growth. Third, we believe that we are called by God to grow in our size. We believe that God has provided us with a vision and the means to grow to a medium sized church of 200+ members. As long as we truly keep God at the center of our congregation and allow the Spirit to lead us, we feel the Spirit will enable us to invite, receive, nurture and be nurtured by all who God brings to join in our family of God. Fourth, As we grow we believe that God will raise up within our congregation, those people that are needed for our church to function. We believe that God is calling us to work together and that as programs develop we will be open to the Spirit to perform those duties that the Spirit calls us to complete. We also believe that God is calling us as a church to develop those programs that will draw in people so that they may become aware of the opportunities to serve God within our church. Finally, we believe that this is the vision that God is giving us for the future. We also believe that God will continue to speak to us as long as we are faithful to His Word and are open to His Spirit through Jesus Christ.