Mark: Faith in Action

Week 8(25 Feb. – 3 Mar.) – 2nd Sunday of Lent

Sunday – Christ foretells 3

Scripture Reading: Mark 10:32-34

As Jesus and the crowd is heading to Jerusalem, Jesus is leading them walking ahead of them.  Some were “amazed” and probably figuring that this is the time that Jesus as the Messiah will triumphantly ride in and begin to establish the Kingdom of David once again in all of its glory.  Some were “afraid” maybe because they believed that when this occurred what followed would be fighting and war and the dark days of battle looming ahead.  We are told that Jesus took the twelve disciples aside for the third time to explain to them what was to come so they were prepared to face the dark days of ministry that was ahead.  To truly understand what lies ahead we must rely on Jesus for the truth.

Pastor’s Pondering:  How can we best discern the future as disciples of Christ wanting to put our faith in action?

Monday – Wrong Ambition  

Scripture Reading: Mark 10:35-45

The danger of leading is losing sight of following.  The same personality that makes strong leaders is the same that can lead to false ambition.  True ambition as a leader is to follow Jesus.  But, even in the physical presence of the Lord, the disciples begin to think of themselves.  As the ones who were called in the beginning, the ones that are part of the inner circle and the ones there at the transfiguration, James and John, felt their place would be at the right and left hands of Jesus “in your glory.”  When the other disciples hear of this their thoughts then turn to “what about me?”  But, to be that close to Jesus, one must recognize that Christ came to serve, not to be served and we must do likewise as leaders.

Pastor’s Pondering:  What is required for Leaders of the Church to truly lead?

Tuesday – Bartimeus receives Sight

Scripture Reading: Mark 10:46-52

Bartimeus, a blind beggar on the side of the road along Jericho, begs Jesus to have mercy on him.  This mercy comes in Jesus calling to Bartimeus to come to Him.  When he comes, Jesus asks Bartimeus what he wants Him to do for him.  Bartimeus responds “My teacher, let me see again.”  Not only does his faith make him well to physically see but recognizing Jesus as the Teacher enables him to spiritually see.  As such Baritmeus follows Jesus on the Way.

Pastor’s Pondering:  What does this say to us about seeing and following The Way?

Wednesday – Triumphant Entry

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:1-11

The outward perspective of Christ’s entry into Jerusalem is of a glorious entry and day.  The miracle of the colt provision and the parade with people laying coats and palm branches on the road shouting, “Hosanna!  Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!  Blessed is the coming kingdom of our ancestor David!  Hosanna in the highest heaven!” makes for a glorious day in ministry!  But in the midst of this is the knowledge of what this really will bring in the days ahead.

Pastor’s Pondering:  What does it mean to be triumphant in ministry?

Thursday – Barren Fig Tree – No Fruit

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:12-14

Sometimes in life, we may witness Christ doing something that would seem to have no significance such as this moment with the fig tree.  It is only later that we may learn how God is using that moment for us to learn.  With the disciples we may be left to wonder what that was about until later when Christ makes it clear.  Then Christ is able to teach us to bear fruit.

Pastor’s Pondering:  What may be a barren fig tree be in your life that you are waiting for God to make clear for you?

Friday – Temple Cleansing

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:15-19

In Jesus teaching of the cleansing of the temple he states, “Is it not written, “my house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations?”  We find that it is not just the marketing of the temple business that angered Jesus but also, the exclusion of others in the temple access that angered Jesus.  All faithful people were to have access not just the Jews.  With the profiteering of faith in action of people and the exclusion of the access to the temple, Jesus rightfully recognize it as a den of robbers – robbing God and the people!

Pastor’s Pondering:  How do we keep our churches as houses of prayer and not dens of thieves?

Saturday – Power of Faith

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:20-25

Now is the time to teach from the barren fig tree.  Amazed that the tree died, Jesus is able to teach the disciples about the power of faith.  Mountains are moved when we believe, pray (talking with God for proper perspective), and Forgive.  All three are required for God to move the mountains in our lives.

Pastor’s Pondering:  How can lack of faith, prayer and forgiveness keep us from having faith in action in life?

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